We electrify.

e-mobility creates opportunites – we provide solutions

Our Solutions

ELO Mobility enables integrated public mobility systems of electric vehicle fleets, charging infastructure and energy services.

Profitable Business Models

Profitable business models by leveraging existing infrastructure and financing for fleet services, public transportation etc.

System Integration

System integration of modular architecture concepts combining leading vehicle and infrastructure technologies.

Strategic Alliances

Strategic alliances with the local industry and operators for locally developed content e.g. chassis and interior etc.

Phased Approach

Reducing economical and technical risk by proof of concept during the pilot phase and a stepped scaling up.

Turnkey Solutions

Being a plattform for innovative technologies & products – coordinating, combining and advancing them.

Engineering Hub

Vehicle and system solutions out of our technology pool - with customer and application-related focus.

We enable the electric future.

We help to get a city an effective transport ecosystem. This means new prospects of city development and building of a new industry and private investment attraction.

We create a better level of the life quality and urban aesthetics. This leads to a significantly cleaner environment in the city, high quality of passenger transportation and a new level of road users.

We ensure a new individual eco-friendly transport system serving the convenience of passengers and adjusted to resources. All the components are being implemented to meet technological, economic, and financial requisites.

A progressive electric transport system comes into life.

Dr. Henning Heppner

CEO & Founder
  • serial founder, shareholder and officer of multiple successful start–up companies since 2010, i.e. Ebee Smart Technologies (co-founder and CEO): EV Charging Infrastructure (2011-2018)
  • senior management level experience within leading international automotive electronics and systems suppliers
  • P/L responsibility for large, multinational business divisions
  • extensive restructuring, post merger integration and target costing experience
  • wide international experience from assignments in France (4 years) and USA (4 Years)
  • master degree Industrial Engineering
  • Ph.D. Business Administration

André Stephan

Head of Business Development

This country can do electric mobility. Many start-ups form a unique landscape with innovation and experience. It’s worth that this pool of ideas will be combined smartly.

Juliane Renz

Business Development

My goal is to change our transport system with striking concepts. Intelligent mobility is possible without being a burden for current and future generations.

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